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What Is Self Defence ?
Created by Sydney Krav Maga Academy
This video covers the 3  components of self defence. Skills, Intent and Action and how you need to implement all 3 in order to be able to protect yourself 'No Matter What'


Are you someone who travels home alone late at night.

Or maybe you don't feel safe when you're out.....

These days we often hear stories of people being attacked on their way home at night 
and of people being involved in random acts of violence on a night out.

Unfortunately, this is only going to get worse and your fear of not being able to protect yourself is 
going to increase affecting all areas of your life.


The 3 Components Of Effective Self  Defence.

1.) Skills.

You must learn self defence and striking skills which are simple, easy to learn and that will be effective 
under extreme pressure. They can't be fine motor skills or long complicated movements because you won't be able to recall them under extreme pressure when you need them. They have to be automatic and adaptable in different situations.

2.) Intent.

Your intent has to be that you will get out of that situation 'No Matter What' it takes.
Mindset is key. You have to have the determination  ( and know that you do ) to keep going as long as is necessary to survive and prevail in a violent situation. Stopping and/or giving up before you are safe,is not an option.
You must give yourself Permission to do whatever it is you need to do in order to prevail and stay safe
'No Matter What'

3.) Action.

It's no use being a black belt if you don't take any action when you need it. You can have all the skills in the world and the intent but, if you freeze and don't take any action when you need it, it's no use to you.
One of the problems with most martial arts in relation to real world violence is that techniques are taught in an often stylised manner which don't replicate the randomness or ferocity of a 'real life' attack.
Quite often, the difference between 'Winning' and 'Losing' in a violent attack is how soon you take action. When you are faced with a violent situation, you will experience a large spike of adrenaline
which will in most circumstances make you freeze ( because most of us rarely encounter violent situations) The key is to be able to override the adrenaline surge and take action immediately.
There are a number of ways to do this : 
Practice many different and realistic self defence scenarios.
Visualise being attacked. This is a really important tool  because the brain can't tell the difference between something actually happening or you visualising it. Which means you can practice it in your mind anytime anywhere ! As well as creating new neural pathways in your brain you will also become less afraid of the scenario.
Relaxation. Learning relaxation techniques will help you control your breathing and keep the adrenaline spike under control.
Confidence. you gain confidence from learrning automatic skills you know you can rely on, if and when needed.

You can register for a full free training session on this topic.

Let me know what you think of this down in the comments, I personally read and reply to all of them?

Regain Your Personal Power

George kesic 

George Kesic

 George Kesic helps people realise their personal power. He makes people feel at ease and is an expert at bringing things out of the theoretical and into real life in such a way that anyone can understand it, remember the lesson, and gain confidence quickly.
If you want to have the confidence to feel safe and powerful, then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today. request a free strategy session today.
George Kesic Director Kravmagaacademy.com.au
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