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Resources To Help 
'Realise Your Personal Power'

From advice to helpful tools, member testimonials and livestream Q&A's.
Here you'll find resources that will help you Realise Your Personal Power

Created by Sydney Krav Maga Academy
How To Avoid A Violent Situation
This video covers the 3 main ways of how to avoid a violent situation : 

1. Awareness - Where, What and Who. 

2. De -Escalation - Staying Calm and Defusing the Situation. 

3. Space Management - Undersatnding and Controling Distance
How To Deal With Multiple Attackers
Created by Sydney Krav Maga Academy
How to deal with multiple attackers
This video covers the vital points of what to do when faced with more than one attacker. Focusing on the Essential Elements of : 
Mindset and Tactics.
Created by Sydney Krav Maga Academy
What Is Self Defence fsdacademy.com.au
This video covers the 3 Components of Self Defence :

1. Skills - The kind of skills neded, to be able to protect yourself effectively.
2. Intent - The attitude needed ,to win a violent confrontation.
3. Action - The steps you can take to ensure that you do something

A Must See if you've ever thought about self defence.
6 Frequently Asked Questions
Created by Sydney Krav Maga Academy
Frequently Asked Questions fsdacademy.com.au
This video gives the answers to the 6 most often asked questions by people looking at starting their self defence journey.
Created by Flow Self Defence Academy
Testimonials fsdacademy.com.au
In This video, Flow Self Defence Academy members describe their experiences at  Flow Self Defence Academy with George Kesic.
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